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Top ten reasons to be a Micro Member:

  1. Professional Recognition
    As a member of Micro you will be recognized on a National level as a Mold Professional and affiliated with the leading authority in the Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation Industry- Micro.
    By becoming Micro Certified you immediately demonstrate to your clients that you are up to date on cutting edge training and technology in the mold industry. There is only one organization that provides the most comprehensive industry standard training - Micro.
  2. Customer Referrals
    Members information will be posted for clients on a page specific to your state and location. Thousands of homeowners and businesses browse our site looking for qualified professionals in your area and count on Micro to provide only the best inspectors to the general public.
  3. Website Listing
    One of the most important ways to increase business exposure and reduce your company marketing expense is to increase visibility on the internet. Becoming a Micro Member you will receive a listing on one of the most viewed mold websites out there. Join today and get your name added to our national database of qualified professionals.
  4. Professional Support (via phone and e-mail)
    All Micro Members have direct toll-free access to Instructors should you need some assistance on either an inspection or remediation job. Often times on your first few inspections and or remediation jobs you may want to contact a professional should you run into a problem. For those that have been in the business for years, you may run into a new puzzling mold related problem. Don't hesitate to call for advise on what equipment to use, what testing technique is most appropriate or on how to interpret laboratory analysis. Micro membership gives you direct access to some of the most knowledgeable Inspectors and Remediators in the industry.
  5. Publications
    On a quarterly basis Micro Members receive a Newsletter (via e-mail) with information on the latest equipment being used and articles on scientific findings related to mold. As a Mold Professional, it is crucial for you and your business to convey your knowledge of the latest tools and articles related to mold.
  6. Discounts on Equipment
    Every Mold Inspector and Mold Remediator wants to receive the best deal on equipment to cut business costs. As a Micro Member you will immediately receive an e-mail with a list of items that you will need to provide your customers with the most complete, comprehensive and accurate inspections and remediation possible.
  7. Micro Logo Usage
    As a Micro Member we encourage you to use the Micro logo to show your clients you have joined the leading Mold Organization in the industry. Also, by displaying this logo you will demonstrate to your competition that you are up to date on the latest findings and techniques as a mold inspector and or remediator.
  8. Insurance Discounts (E&O)
    If you are a Mold Remediator you will want to seriously consider obtaining Errors and Omission Insurance. To reduce your companies liability and protect the interest of your clients consider obtaining this insurance today.
  9. Discounts on Lab Services
    Micro Members are able to receive substantial discounts on laboratory services offered by Toxic Mold Lab, a microbiology laboratory specializing in direct samples/ tape lift mold test kits, air quality analysis via Air-O-Cells and other mold testing techniques.
  10. Legal and Marketing Services
    In order to better market your services you will receive information as a Micro Member on how to better reach potential clients. Legal matters in this day and age are inevitable, our Members can contact Micro and have one of our representatives connect you with a Mold Lawyer.

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Toxic Mold Solutions DVD

Need help cutting through all the media hype and misinformation about mold?  This educational documentary provides accurate and useful information to answer all of your mold questions. This documentary provides concise information about toxic mold and interviews with industry experts, to help you solve real mold problems!

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Do I Need a Mold Inspector or Remediator?

Mold growth is virtually inevitable if a moisture problem is not controlled. If you think you have a mold problem, hire a mold inspection expert to determine the extent of any contamination. In addition to discovering the type and extent of a mold problem, a professional mold inspector will look for the source of your moisture intrusion. Moisture problems need to be identified and corrected as soon as possible because mold can start to grow within 24 to 48 hours after an intrusion.

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About Us

Our national referral program connects Certified Mold Inspectors and Mold Remediation Contractors with home owners or building owners concerned with the following:

  • Toxic Mold Testing
  • Carpet Sampling
  • Construction Mold Problems
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Preventative Mold Treatments
  • Household Moisture Assessment
  • Moisture intrusion detection (Leak Detection)
  • Mold Remediation

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